A- accept you as you are
B- believe in you
C- call you just to say 'hi'
D- doesn't give up on you 
E- envisions the whole of you
F- forgive your mistake 
G- give unconditionally
H- help you 
I- invate you over 
J- just be with you 
K- keeps you close at heart 
L- loves you for who you are
M- make a difference in your life 
N- never judge
O- offer support 
P- pick you up 
Q- qulets your fears
R- raises yout spirit 
S- says nice anything about you 
T- tells you the thruth when you need to hear it 
U- understand you 
V- value you 
W- walks beside you 
X- x-plain thing what you dont understand 
Y- yells when you wont listen and 
Z- zaps you back to reality